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The introduction of 4 time world champion and career shaper, Mark Richard's Tuflite line of both performance templates and classic retro inspired boards will make its mark at the 2009 tradeshow season. Marks notoriety as both a surfer and shaper are reflected in his refined designs. "To this day Mark Richards is one of a very elite group who can shape and test their designs at the highest levels," points out Surftech founder, Randy French. "As a surfer, that makes you confident that you are getting a really proven design. "

Along with his classic designed Retro Twin, Mark is additionally releasing a range of more contemporary performance boards. "I am really excited about my Supertwin and Spitfire models being available in the Surftech range this year. I am really impressed with the quality, durability, and performance of the Surftech epoxy construction." Comments Mark Richards. "I see this partnership as an essential part of the Mark Richards range of Surfboards."

Marks history as a shaper began even before his lauded surfing career. At age 13, Mark was given a planer by his father and taught to shape by legendary shaper Geoff McCoy. He came into his own as a shaper in the mid 70's, when tutored by pioneer shapers Dick Brewer, Ben Aipa, Reno Abellira, Gerry Lopez, Tom Parrish, and Jim Richardson. Throughout his career and since officially retiring in 1985 Mark has focused on shaping boards, crediting shaper Pat Rawson as a continued inspiration throughout his shaping career. While his infamous superman style "MR" badge is intrinsically associated with his sought after retro twin fin models, Mark has continued to widen and refine his designs as can be seen in the range of Tuflite models he has developed with Surftech. Though being showcased at the fall shows, the full line will be available at only the finest surf shops in spring 2009.